Brick Vaults and Beyond

The Transformation of a Historical Structural System

lnternational Symposium in Brussels, 29-30 April 2021-online


The Transformation of a Historical Structural System 

International Symposium in Brussels, 29-30 April 2021-online 


Vaults have been historically regarded as the ideal structure to span imposing spaces in representative and monumental buildings. Several studies have been devoted to the topic worldwide and cover the evolution of vaulting from antiquity to the progressive abandonment of vaults in the 18th century. However, before the modern movement definitively renounced vaults, they were extensively used in historicism, and attempts were made to adapt vaults to modern architecture. Changing architectural styles and functional needs, together with the introduction of new construction materials in the 19th and 20th centuries such as iron, steel and reinforced concrete, transformed vaulting techniques.  


This symposium, organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and, will bring together international experts on construction and architectural history whose contributions will add to ourunderstanding of the development of the vaulting techniques during this fascinating period. 


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